Skin Peeling

Diamond Microdermabrasion

This treatment gently exfoliates the skin's surface, removes dead skin cells, helps stimulate collagen and elastin, uses vitamin A & C to intensely nourish, regenerate and hydrate

60mins $99

Advanced Microderm Acne Treatment

Microdermabrasion softly lifts the skins surface and comfortably exfoliates the Epidermis while Sonophoresis stimulates the circulation to assist in releasing toxins and congestion to reveal a clearer complexion.

90mins $129

Rejuvenating Fruit Peel

A fruit acid peel designed to remove dead skin cells, assist with treating fine wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation and acne. Rejuvenating Fruit Peel will reveal a smooth and healthy glowing skin.

50mins $110

Advanced Renewal Peel

An advanced chemical skin peeling system designed to penetrate deeper, to help smooth, even skin tone and enhance the absorption of active products, revealing a natural radiance.

60mins $115

Feet Treat to Repair and Restore

This peel starts with a luxurious soak, exfoliation peel, ending with totally renewed, silky, soft and pampered feet.

45mins $55

Pedi-Derm Treatment

Treat feet to the ultimate in pedicure pampering. Microdermabrasion will deeply exfoliate and stimulate tired feet, increasing circulation, leaving your feet soft and smooth.

45mins $65

Please advise at the time of booking if you have had any problems with skin irritations, disorders, diseases or have had any past reactions to any beauty care products.

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